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Who we are

We are an enthusiastic team of accomplished and talented design and programming professionals offering innovative and unique digital solutions. Creativity and focus are our key ideas aimed at achieving definite and tangible benefits to our client's business. Using state-of-the-art technologies, we not only fashion a solution needed by you, but also a solution that is best suited to you.

We strive to create a strong brand value through our designs that ensures uplifting of the business opportunities. We have the zeal to establish a niche space for ourselves in the domain of Design and Web Development.

What we do

We create the quintessential digital presence of client’s product, service or idea, enhancing global visibility and accessibility. We aspire to facilitate a delightful user experience both to our clients and their business partners with our righteous approach to work. Our goal is to create a significant brand identity to the client’s product on a digital platform. We offer turnkey solutions backed by total support in this direction. We pride ourselves for standing out among our competitors with our precise and timely deliverable. Our inclusive and exhaustive web services and web development solutions leave no stone unturned in achieving total customer satisfaction.

Tiruven Info Tech has grown to become a global service provider of Infrastructure Management Services, Intellectual Property (IP) Leveraged Solutions, and IT Services. Our services span from Application Management Outsourcing, Application Services, Verification and Testing and Product Engineering Services.

“To redefine Customer Business Equity with best-of-breed Transformation, Technology and Talent”

“Empower our customers to focus on Core Business Competence through innovative and competitive IT and Business Process Outsourcing”

Core Values

Commitment: We are committed to our customers for delivering quality, speed and innovation in our work through personal initiative and continuous development of skills and knowledge.

Contribution: We make a difference to our field of work, and to all domains that we cross in the course of our functioning. We work together as a team to improve the quality of our work, and add value to our clients and ourselves.

Excellence:We work to evolve and inherit excellence as a way of life, strategy, culture and religion.

Innovation: We thrive on innovation and take pride in this humble tradition.

Integrity:Ethics, trust, honesty, and integrity are fundamental to all aspects of our work.

Passion:We love, appreciate and celebrate our work.

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